June, 2019. George Reinhardt (left) and Leslie Kashiwada and Cal Winslow (right) present petition to Tabatha Miller, Fort Bragg City Manager, June Lemos City Clerk and Jessica Morsell-Haye, City Council: 4000 + call for “Clean up Headlands First!”

Petition: Save 400 acres of Fort Bragg Headlands: Clean Up First for a Healthy Mendocino Coast

Fort Bragg Headlands Consortium

The Future of the Fort Bragg Mill Site
Learn more about the history of the Mill Site; ongoing cleanup and planning; and the current status of various development efforts.

Mill Site Makes for a David and Goliath Rematch
Fort Bragg Advocate-News | June 2020

George Reinhardt

Visit to the Millpond with George Reinhardt
Mendocino TV | July 2019

Iain Boal talks about a Historical approach to the Public Commons (video) | June 2019

Dr. John Balmes talks about dioxins at the GP Mill site (video) | June 2019

Gayle McLaughlin, author of “Winning Richmond,” talks about beating Georgia Pacific (video) | June 2019

Ignacio Chapela speaking on Science, Climate Change, Sea Level Rise and Resistance (video: jump to 18:00) | June 2019


Science, Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, and Resistance

Ignacio Chapela
University of California, Berkeley
Professor of Ecology

Friday, June 21
Caspar Community Center
Free Admission, open to the Public
auspices of the Headlands Symposium Committee and The Mendocino Institute