Spring 2012

Frank Bardacke

Chic Dabby on violence against women

David Goldberg on California ethnicity

Frank Bardacke on farm work and farm workers

Gray Brechin on architecture

Joe Paff on getting to Petrolia

Josh Pechthalt on teaching in California

Julie Guthman

Julie Guthman on food politics

Paul Kumar on corporate health care

Rebecca Solnit on her writing

Richard Walker on greening the Bay Area

Robin D.G. Kelley

Robin D.G. Kelley on writing about Black people

Iain Boal, John Coate and Janferie Stone and Cal Winslow on West of Eden

Fall 2012

David Samas on the Fort Hood Three

Jeffrey St Clair remembers Alexander Cockburn

John Borsos on building a healthcare workers union

John Gillis on living on the coast

Summer Brenner

Katie Romer on nursing at Kaiser Permanente

Nelson Lichtenstein on the state of the unions

Ray Raphael on writing history from Humboldt County

Summer Brenner on Richmond Tales

Susanna Hecht on the Fate of the Forests

Will Smith on playing football

William Bauer on Indian history

Will Smith

Spring 2013

Alice Walker on poetry and politics

Anne Wagner on teaching art

Glenda and Jesse Drew on organizing with art

Carl Finamore on becoming an organizer

Dean MacCannell on tourists and tourism

Ellen David Friedman on China’s new workers

Anne Wagner

Ignacio Chapela on the biologist’s craft

Jim Davis on film making

Jonathan Simon on the California prison crisis

Lauren Coodley on Upton Sinclair

Leanne Hinton on preserving native languages

Malcolm Margolin on publishing at Heyday

Mike Davis on the radical alternative

Mike Davis

Robert Brenner on the boom and the bubble

Robin G.D. Kelley on Black Politics and Black Culture

Summer Brenner on Oakland Tales

Suzanne Gordon on making health care safe