Peace & War

The Mendocino Institute was founded primarily as an institution to restore, protect and enhance the breathtaking environment of Mendocino County, as well as its often unique communities. We have done this with some success. The past years however have made it impossible for us to separate the endless wars from the ravaging of the planet and the climate crisis. This continues to be the case both in Ukraine and above all in Palestine/Gaza, with the ever-present threat of new, wider, more destructive wars. Hence we have supported activists and activities to make these connections as well as to add our voices to the worldwide call for peace – with justice and for the sake of our planet.

The Other 9/11

This month marks the fiftieth anniversary of the coup in Chile and the tragic end of Salvador Allende’s Popular Unity government. President Allende’s efforts to nationalize much of Chile’s basic industry to create an innovative, democratic mass consumer society were brought to an abrupt end on September 11, 1973, the “other 9/11.” Loreto Rojas and Cal Winslow presented an Hispanic Heritage series of three programs remembering the Chilean events and its consequences on KZYX.

Interview with Mike Gonzalez…..

Interview with Kiki Cruz….

Interview with Walden Bello…


Interview with Patrick Cockburn

Interview with Philis Bennis

Interview with Tariq Ali

More war isn’t the answer. Peace is.
Faith Simon, FNP
in remarks at the March 2022 rally in Rotary Park,
Mendocino Village.

Read her full remarks here.


This series, like many we have produced before it, was meant to offer listeners in depth analyses of social political crises, this time the war against Gaza/Palestine. This time however, despite the credentials of the invited speakers – Professor Rashid Khalidi, Columbia University, Dr. Penny Rosenwasser, Jewish Voice for Peace and, Joel Beinin, emeritus Professor Stanford University -and looking back at the prescience of their views, the series was rejected out of hand. The only explanation, “no place to put it.”  Hearing this Professor Khalidi, Columbia University responded, “I’m not surprised.” Looking back, alas, nor are we. Here the station has taken sides with all those who choose to silence dissent, never mind the brutality on an enormous scale, the torture, the displacement and unlawful detention, indeed the wholesale extermination of the Palestinian people, all paid for by the American people.